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Triathlon Season: Find Races and Savings

Apr 7, 2014

How To Find Your First Race
There are many sources of information about available races. USA Triathlon's website includes an event calendar of over 4,000 sanctioned events. Visit usatriathlon.org/eventcalendar to view the Sanctioned Events website.  For other sources, read on.  

SelfGrip also kicks off Triathlon Season with a Team Sales Event. Buy any four rolls of SelfGrip and get 20% off. 


SelfGrip® in Action

Where can I Find SelfGrip?

SelfGrip® is distributed by chain-drug and independent drug stores throughout the country.

Visit our store finder page for a location near you, or buy SelfGrip® online now!

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SelfGrip Blog
How to Use SelfGrip

Visit our sizing and taping guide or our new how-to video series for detailed information on how to use SelfGrip®.

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